Q: What if there is no Midwestspl Events in my state a year? How does that list work?
A: We’re going to try and have it where anyone can host a SPL List Race. Working on the details now as far as what the person’s obligations would.

Q: Competitors must play music with tones changing twice in 10 seconds? How will that work?
A: We’ll be utilizing Termlab to let us know if frequency changes or not. When in doubt, play something you know is legal.

Q:Do I have to drive to every event?
A: No, but only the top 5 on that state’s list will be invited to finals for a cash payout. Remember, if you’re not at the event, you can only loose up to 2 spots.

Q: How can 1st place call out #10?
A: Don’t be confused. There will be a “class” called SPL List Race. The LOUDEST of that class that day has the chance to call out #10 on the list. Don’t let 1st – 3rd place of the event confuse you with the top 10 list.

Q: Can I call out #3 if I’m not on the list?
A: No. The ONLY person that can call out #3 is #4.

Q: Is the top 10 list based upon your SPL Score?
A: No. If you want to work your way up the list, you must first, compete and be loudest of the day ( SPL Score ) to be eligible to call out #10 and work your way up the list.

Q: Can I compete in another state’s list?
A: No. Only competitors from that live and reside in that state. This keeps someone from being on more than 1 list.

Q: If an official SPL List Race CD is made that we are required to use, will it give someone and unfair advantage?
A: No, we’ve given it a lot of consideration. Every frequency will be present from 20 – 55 hz. Remember, its a 10 second music average, you won’t need much time.

Q: If I start my music early and I “red light”, do I loose?
A: Yes. If during the regular glass to see who gets to call out #10 and you “red light” you can pay for a re-run and run again. If you are called out ( #6 ) by #7 on the list and you “red light”, you loose the round and drop to #7.

Q: What if we both “red light” on a call out?
A: You both run again.

Q: What if its determined my music didn’t change frequency twice during the run?
A: It will be a loss. Play it safe. Play what you normally do. Don’t push the limit.