Midwestspl appreciates each person that comes through our lanes. We strive only to provide our customers with the BEST in car stereo competition and car shows. Our goal is to make you happy and to make sure you have fun at our events. We want our events to be entertaining and worth taking the time to attend

Our classes are very basic and affordable for any competitor. We offer Local classes for the amateur competitor to participate in as well as National classes for the die hard competitor.

We believe that our Midwestspl format is the cheapest and fairest around. You don’t have to have $10,000 in equipment or 10,000 watts of power to compete in our organization. Our competitors enjoy bringing out their daily drivers and show them off at each event. Its not about winning or loosing, its about the friends you make along the way.

In our national classes are a clamped based format. We determine the competitors class by measuring the competitors max output power from their amplifiers. The classes are further broken down into cone area. This ensures that its one competitors 2-12’s and 1,000 watts vs. another in the same class. How fair is that!