About Us

About Us

Midwestspl has been doing events for 18 years in the Midwest and surrounding areas. We cover most of the Midwest providing retailers with some of the best outdoor sound-off style events. Our events come complete with judges, meters, tents, PA systems and all items necessary to provide you with a great event.


Our classes are very basic and affordable for any competitor. We offer local classes for the amateur competitor to participate in. These classes are great for bragging rights of your customer. These classes do not acquire points for finals.

How Our National Format Works

Our National Classes are a clamped based format. We determine the competitors class by measuring the competitors max output power from their amplifiers. This is done by measuring AC voltage & AC amperage to find Wattage. The classes are further broken down into cone area. This ensures that its one competitors 2-12’s and 1,000 watts vs. another’s in the same class. These are the classes competitors compete in if they are interested in attending our finals at the end of the year.


Its simple to host a Midwestspl event. Its as easy as making a phone call and let us send you some valuable information to assist you with planning your event.

When you sign up to do a Midwestspl event, you’ll want to become a Retail Member. This option allows you to have lots of information and tools to help you plan your event to make sure its a success. Our professional staff will be in contestant communication with you to assist you on the way.

Let Us Work For You –

We provide Turn-Key events to ensure that you spend more time focusing on your store and let us do what we do best. All our events come complete with everything you need for an exciting show.

  • Before the show, we’ll help you plan your event, make flyers, send out emails and promote on various forms of social media.
  • During the show, we’ll run the event, make announcements and provide trophies to all the winners.
  • After the show, we’ll provide you with a list of winners and photos from the event.

What Is Needed To Host An Event –

Just a few things are needed to host a successful event.

  • Make sure you have plenty of parking available to host competitors
  • Secure any permits required to host this type of an event ( event permits, noise permits, etc. )
  • Staffing to help coordinate event as well as retail sales.
  • Sign event promoter contract and pay required sanctioning fees.

That’s it! You’re on your way to hosting an event! Its just that simple and easy!

Progressive Point Events

PROGRESSIVE POINT EVENTS ( PPE )- Unique to only Midwestspl, we offer an event upgrade where national level competitors potentially can earn additional points to be eligible to be invited to the Midwestspl Finals at the end of the year.

Typically at a regular season event, national competitors earn a standard set of points depending on their final placement ( 20pts for 1st, 15pts for 2nd, 12pts for 3rd, 10pts for 4th+ ). With our PPE’s, national competitors may be able to earn additional points.

How the point system works: Points are multiplied by the total number of individual competitors that compete at your event. If 1-19 individuals participate then competitors receive the normal of points ( 20pts for 1st, 15pts for 2nd, 12pts for 3rd, 10pts for 4th+ ). If 20-29 individual competitors participate then competitors earn double ( 2X’s ) the points ( 40pts for 1st, 30pts for 2nd, 24pts for 3rd and 20 pts for 4th+). If 30-39 individual competitors participate then they receive triple ( 3X’s ) the points. This points multiplier continues to increase based upon total participation. There is no max amount of points eligible. The more competitors that participate at the event, the potential for more points earned. This is a HUGE motivation for competitors to come out and participate at your event.

Pricing for Progressive Point Events ( PPE )- You can make your event a PPE simply by booking 3 events with us during a show season. Any of those 3 events you can upgrade into a PPE. This is a FREE upgrade due to the number of events booked that season.

If you only plan on hosting (1) one Midwestspl event during the season, you can still upgrade your single event for a low fee of $300. This fee is in addition to the normal fee your event promoter will be charging.


You’ll find our pricing structure is fair and affordable. Fees vary based upon location and services.

We offer several opportunities to save you money. We offer incentives to our retailers so that they can make they’re money back from the event with little effort.

Please contact our offices to find out more.

Awards & Trophies

All our events come complete with a full set of awards for all the winners. Your local customers will receive nice trophies. You can specify what color trophies you would like and what the engraving needs to say or let us take care of it for you. For our national competitors, they will receive either trophies or plaques depending on their class.

Typically, a basic set of awards is handed out at shows, but if you want to provide larger trophies or specialty awards we can do that at a minimal fee.

To customize your event, contact your show promoter today!

Or visit one of our partners for custom trophies – http://www.trophykits.com