Power SPL Rules

Section 1 – General Rules

The Power SPL division is a category designed for children’s toys, such as Fisher Price Power Wheels. Products from any manufacture may be used but must be limited to battery operated, ‘power wheels’ type riding toys. The vehicle may be lifted and the drive train may be modified, however, no part of the system may extend below the bottom of the chassis.

1-1  The vehicle must enter and leave the judging lanes on it’s own power.

1-2  Battery limitations –

  • Only 1 battery shall be allowed
  • The system must run on 12 volts
  • If a ‘hybrid’ type triple (IE 12/16 volt ) post battery is used the 16 volt post must be disconnected completely during the metering process.
  • Home made batteries are not allowed. Voltage at the amplifier shall not exceed 15.5 volts at any point during the run.

1-3  All audio equipment in the vehicle shall be of the 12 volt variety and must be commercially available.

1-4  The microphone shall be placed facing the rear of the vehicle, centered from side to side over the middle of the windshield on a mic stand 4″ above the highest point of the vehicle.

1-5  Any source unit and any source material may be used in Power SPL

Section 2 – Divisions

Basic Division:

2-1  No part of the amplifier(s), subwoofer(s), battery or sub woofer enclosure may protrude higher than the highest point of the seat.

2-2  No part may protrude wider than the widest part of the vehicle, nor may any part be lower than the lowest part of the chassis of the vehicle.

2-3  No external modifications are allowed to the vehicle that will increase the area for equipment to be located. This limitation does not pertain to vocal speakers, signal processors or source unit(s). The intentions are that the vehicle does not appear to have a sub enclosure “thrown” on it, but rather integrated into it keeping within the original overall dimensions.

2-4  The ‘cabin’ of the vehicle must remain stock in appearance and material.  Cutting is allowed, adding ‘consoles’ etc to enhance the score is not.

2-5  The sub woofer system may be ported into the cabin, howe3ever such ‘porting’ must be done at or behind the vertical portion at the bottom of the front seat. No modifications to accommodate or ‘vent’ through sub amplifer(s), sub woofer(s) or sub woofer enclosure(s) may be made in front of this line.

2-6  Modifications are allowed to the seat back and bottom providing they appear stock, maintain their function of supporting a child’s weight, do not interfere with a child sitting in the vehicle as it was originally intended, do not protrude past the original form of the seat and are made of plastic similar to the OEM material.

Wild Division:

2-7   No part of the subwoofer system, including the sub woofer, sub enclosure, port, etc. may be closer than 12 inches to the microphone.  With the exception of this and the General Rules, anything goes in WILD!