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Become A Turn-key Event Promoter

Midwestspl is looking for qualified independent turn-key event promoters in several locations.

Midwestspl  is a national sound off organization currently covering over 12 states.  With over 1,000 sanctioned events to date Midwestspl is changing how car stereo competition is being ran worldwide. One of the organization’s main goals was to change the way car stereo competition were ran and develop one of the fairest set of rules and formats to date. Midwestspl was the first to utilize the “clamping” format with huge success. This has revitalize interest in car stereo competition. Retailers are attracted to the format and can’t wait to book events. We are looking to bring on more event promoters in order fill supply and demand.


Knowledge of Mobile Electronics and Car Stereo Competition.
Car Stereo installation skills is a benefit.
Must have strong communication skills.
Team oriented and relationship building skills.
Must be able to travel regularly with reliable transportation.
Knowledge, or willingness to learn, the Midwestspl formats and rules.


Our Midwestspl officiating team is outstanding! We are proud of our event promoters. They perform their job with integrity. To maintain this image, its important that everyone adheres to high ethical standards.

As an event promoter you will be required to:

Represent  Midwestspl in a professional and unbiased manner.
Strictly adhere to the rules.
Professionally represent the dealer your working with.


Provide car stereo retailers with a quality Midwestspl Event.
Maintain relationships with existing retailers and potential new retailers.
Be proactive in gaining new retailers.
Aggressively promote Midwestspl in the assigned territory.
Promote a minimum of 10 events per calendar year.
Upload all of your upcoming events on the Midwestspl website at least 30 days prior to the event.
Officiate each event in a professional and unbiased manner.
Email the results from the event to Midwestspl within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event.
Sign a fulfillment contract.


Laptop or PC computer with current Term-LAB software ( Magnum if possible )
Term-LAB Dual-Sensor System with Event Promoter Pro Upgrade
(2)Term-LAB Probe/Clamps
(2) Xtreme Sensor Stands
Mic Jig
Midwestspl Banner ( provided )
Folding Table
Powered PA System and Wireless Mic
Midwestspl Judging Uniform ( provided )

Additional Equipment ( things you might not think about )

Printer ( Optional )
Judging Tools (mic jig, tape measure)
Additional monitor for competitors view of scores
Bungee Cords
Tent & Tent Weights
Extra Sensor Suction Cups
Extra Cat5 Cables
Wheel Chocks
Fire Extinguisher
Speaker Stands (tri pods )
Flood lights for night time shows
At least 200′ of extension cords 10/3
3-way adapters
Tool Kit
Misc cables ( XLR, USB, 1/4″, 1/8″ )
Orange Road Cones
Trash Bags
Spare Trophy Parts
Bass CD’s
Clip Boards & Pens
Cash Box
Extra Batteries
MP3 Player or Music Source
Paper or Terry Cloth Towels
Glass Cleaner
Rain Coat

Get Started Today

If this is you, please contact Midwestspl today. You’ll be asked a series of questions to determine if your eligible. If you got what it takes, you’ll be on your way to hosting Midwestspl events before you know it!

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