SPL List Race

If you were at finals, you heard about our announcement of the glass, hence why we brought in Derek Travis from Street Outlaws in the Kicker Booth.

This will be a work in progress this year, to fine tune it and work out the bugs. Changes might be made during the year.

SPL List Race will be a nation wide top 10 list, consistent from region to region, state to state.

We will track each state’s top 10 list on a Facebook page ( yet to be created ). Rules will be posted there as well as our main website. Event list will ONLY be tracked on the Facebook page for now.

Here is how it will work ( general format / rules ) –

– When you show up at the event, you will sign up for the class ” SPL List Race”
– You may only compete if you live/reside in the state hosting the event.*
– 10 second music average.
– You must play music. Tones must change at least twice during the run. Eventually, we will have a mandatory CD that must be played.
– We will utilize a “red light” feature. If you start before the clock starts, you automatically loose.
– Sensor placement will be in the legal position.
– Vehicle must be street legal.

At the end of the event, trophies will be handed out 1st – 3rd

Now, if this is the 1st list race of the season for that state, competitors 1st – 10th place based upon score comprise the first “official” top 10 list from that event. Now, competitors can call each other out.

There will be a top 10 meeting prior to call outs. Call outs will happen in the order they are called out. You may only call out the person above you on the list. 10th can call out #9, #9 can call out #8 and 8th can call out #7 and so on. During this first event you may only call out the same person no more than twice. ( this may get amended ).

Second List Race of that same state. If your in the top 10, you do not need to sign up for the class. You are already in. Competitors will sign up to compete in the class. Trophies 1st – 3rd place once again. Now, the loudest person from that event ( 1st place ) has the opportunity to call out #10. If #10 isn’t there, then they can call out #9. Once that race is done, 2nd place from that days event ( second loudest ) can call out #10.

If you are not present to defend your spot on the list, you can only loose 2 spots during that event. If your #6 on the list and get called out by #7 and #8 .. this puts you at the #8 spot at the end of the event.

There can only be 1 SPL List Race per day per state. Meaning, 3 Races can happen in a single day in 3 different states.


2018 Finals SPL List Race

– We will invite the top 5 competitors from each states list.
– $50 buy in.
– List shake up. All competitors will draw #’s to see who competes against who between rounds.
– Winner takes home 100% of the pot.


This is just a general outline. Im sure I have forgotten some information and somethings may change to make things better and more fair, so be patient with us.

Q: What if there is no Midwestspl Events in my state a year? How does that list work?
A: We’re going to try and have it where anyone can host a SPL List Race. Working on the details now as far as what the person’s obligations would.

Q: Competitors must play music with tones changing twice in 10 seconds? How will that work?
A: We’ll be utilizing Termlab to let us know if frequency changes or not. When in doubt, play something you know is legal.

Q:Do I have to drive to every event?
A: No, but only the top 5 on that state’s list will be invited to finals for a cash payout. Remember, if you’re not at the event, you can only loose up to 2 spots.

Q: How can 1st place call out #10?
A: Don’t be confused. There will be a “class” called SPL List Race. The LOUDEST of that class that day has the chance to call out #10 on the list. Don’t let 1st – 3rd place of the event confuse you with the top 10 list.

Q: Can I call out #3 if I’m not on the list?
A: No. The ONLY person that can call out #3 is #4.

Q: Is the top 10 list based upon your SPL Score?
A: No. If you want to work your way up the list, you must first, compete and be loudest of the day ( SPL Score ) to be eligible to call out #10 and work your way up the list.

Q: Can I compete in another state’s list?
A: No. Only competitors from that live and reside in that state. This keeps someone from being on more than 1 list.

Q: If an official SPL List Race CD is made that we are required to use, will it give someone and unfair advantage?
A: No, we’ve given it a lot of consideration. Every frequency will be present from 20 – 55 hz. Remember, its a 10 second music average, you won’t need much time.

Q: If I start my music early and I “red light”, do I loose?
A: Yes. If during the regular glass to see who gets to call out #10 and you “red light” you can pay for a re-run and run again. If you are called out ( #6 ) by #7 on the list and you “red light”, you loose the round and drop to #7.

Q: What if we both “red light” on a call out?
A: You both run again.

Q: What if its determined my music didn’t change frequency twice during the run?
A: It will be a loss. Play it safe. Play what you normally do. Don’t push the limit.


More to come on this. Just wanted to get this announcement out there so everyone can start planning to attend. Some things may change as now everyone has a view of what we’re going to do. Until now, I’ve only talked to about a dozen or so people about this. Everyone thinks is a great idea and wants to try it.

If you have any questions, please let us know. This will help us with rules/regulations/format sooner.