SPL LIST RACE RULES ( in progress 3/9/18)

General Rules –

1-1     10 Second Must Average

1-2     “Red Light” feature will be used for those competitors who start their systems before the 10 second clock starts. ( results in a loss )

1-3     Currently, competitors will be required to play music in which the loudest tone changes at least twice during the run. Future events will require competitors to use our own OFFICIAL SPL LIST RACE CD.

1-4     SPL Sensor ( Termlab ) will be placed in the legal position 4″ above the dash 12″ from the passenger A pillar.

Events –

  • There will be ONLY 1 event, per state, per day. Meaning, 3 Races can happen in a single day in 3 different states.
  • Events will ONLY be on Saturdays and Sundays.

Participation –

2-1     Competitors may only participate in SPL List Race and take a chance at getting on the list if they live in the state which the event takes place

Exception: Competitors may choose to participate in a SPL List Race in another state and be on another state’s 10 ten list AS LONG AS they commit to ONLY competing in that state. Some states may have few or no events. This gives competitors an opportunity to be on a list and a chance to participate at the final event at the end of the year.

How To Get On The List

SPL List Race Qualifying

  • In order to get on the list, competitors must participate in 1 of 2 SPL LIST RACE classes ( Basic or Advanced ). The loudest competitors in this class at the end of the day will have the chance to call out #10 on the list.
  • Once your on the list, there is no need to participate in the qualifying process at future events.

SPL List Race Call Outs

  • If your one of the loudest people in your class at the event, you can call out #10 on the list. Others competitors on the list ( after qualifying ) may call out those directly above them on the list in order for themselves to move up the list to be #1.
  • Call Outs will be done in the order people are called out and notifying the head judge of the call out.
  • You may only call out the same person once per position on the list.
  • If you and your vehicle are not present at the event, you can be called out. If this happens, the person calling you out takes your spot. You may ONLY loose 2 spots on the list during this process.

Example: If you are not present to defend your spot on the list, you can only loose 2 spots during that event. If your #6 on the list and get called out by #7 and #8 .. this puts you at the #8 spot at the end of the event.

  • If you and your vehicle are at the event and you refuse a call out, you will loose your spot and you will move down the list.
  • If you and your vehicle are at the event and loose a call out, you may be called out again by the next person on the list. This can happen repeatedly.

Vehicle Requirements –

3-1     Vehicles must be street legal

3-2     Vehicles must have OEM style seating

3-3     Vehicles must have factory or OEM replacement front and side windows

Interior Modifications ( Basic )

4-1     Trunk or cargo area may be missing panels

4-2     No MDF Headliners

4-3     No “stripper” poles

Interior Modifications ( Advanced )

5-1     Missing panels behind B-pillar allowed

5-2     MDF Headliner allowed as long as build down is no lower than the factory door seal. String test will be required.

5-3     “Stripper poles” allowed

5-4     Battery boxes and floor cuts not allowed.

Equipment Regulations

6-1     There are no power restrictions

6-2     There are no cone area restrictions

6-3     Vehicle/System voltage may not exceed 18v during the run

6-4     Lithium battery terminals must be protected

6-5a     Basic – All equipment must be in the trunk or cargo area

6-5b     Advanced – All equipment must be behind “B” pillar