taken from the current rule book –

Section 14 – Points

14-1     Points will be awarded to the top 8 competitors at an officially sanctioned Midwestspl event. Points are as follows:

  • First Place: 20 Points
  • Second Place: 15 Points
  • Third Place: 12 Points
  • Fourth through Eighth: 10 points

14-2     Progressive Point Event ( PPE ) points value will reflect the total number of unique competitors: Example 24 unique competitors = 2 times the points; 46 unique competitors = 4 times the points.

14-5   Competitors may earn additional points by participating in multiple divisions at each event.

14-6     Competitors can not share, exchange or give points away.

14-7    If Midwestspl feels that a particular event results are in error, Midwestspl has the right to modify that event results and competitors points accordingly.