National Finals

Taken from the current rule book –

Section 10 – National Finals

10-1    Midwestspl National Invitational information can be found online at or you can contact our offices for further information.

10-2     Invitations to the Midwestspl Nationals will be awarded as follows:

  • Competitors must earn the requested total number of points. For this season the total is 100.
  • Competitors must earn 50 points to qualify in the class they wish to compete in at Nationals.
  • Competitors must attend a minimum of 3 events during the season no matter how many points they earn to be eligible to attend finals.
  • Competitors must be a member of Midwestspl to compete at Nationals.
  • Example: A competitor can have 60 points in Basic 1 and 40 points in Xtreme 2 to equal 100 points. They would receive 1 invite to finals. A competitor can have 60 points in Advanced 3 and 60 points in Xtreme 3 to equal 120 points. They would receive 2 invites to finals.

10-3    Participation at National Finals:

  • You may only compete in either 1 Basic or 1 Advanced class at Nationals
  • You may only compete in 1 Xtreme class at Nationals
  • You may only compete in 1 Kaos class at Nationals

10-4   Competitors must use their own vehicle or the vehicle they competed with the most during the year at finals. No borrowing, renting or switching vehicles at finals.

10-5     The vehicle must carry valid insurance.

10-6    Vehicles and systems must remain view-able to all competitors and spectators at finals. Vehicles may be shut or locked when not supervised.

10-7    Photos of all vehicles, participants and attendees at finals may be taken and posted on the main site and on various other websites and used for marketing purposes.