Hosting SPL List Race

Want to hold and SPL List Race? Its simple. Here are a few guide lines and requirements.

Almost anyone can host a SPL List Race in their state. We do suggest that you first contact a show promoter about their availability.

Skill & Knowledge

  • Person’s hosting the event must have knowledge of SPL competition
  • Has worked closely with a show promote
  • Currently or has been a show promoter in an organization

Equipment Needed

  • Current PRO version of Termlab
  • Dual sensor capabilities
  • Internet access ( email / facebook )


  • Shows must be posted 30 days in advance per location
  • A sanctioning fee must be paid prior to the event being posted ( TBD )
  • Multiple shows must be 30 days apart per location
  • Sanction SPL Competitions ( Midwestspl, dB Drag, Usaci, Meca, Iasca ) no minimum participation in SPL List Race qualifying for the list
  • Non-Sanction Event is required to have minimum 10 participants in the qualifying process per class ( Basic & Advanced ) in order for anyone ( on the list or not ) to call someone out on the list at that event ( per class ).


  • Current SPL List Race results per state will be posted on our official site and on our facebook page
  • Those running the event are required to post the current modified list upon completion of the event. Failure to do so would require the event to not be sanctioned and all call outs null and void.
  • Results can be posted via text. If not possible a simple screen shot of the completed list will do.